Even before managing to become one of the first Jasmin certified studios in the World, we were characterized by a very proactive and innovative studio development strategy.
In such changing environment, with such tight competition at every corner of the street, one of the keys to success is represented by that innovation which can make such great difference nowadays. Our policy was never aimed towards quantity but more like towards quality, hence the size of our studio. It basically didn’t have to be a large studio, ours features only 10 rooms in Galati and 8 in Constanta , which by far is not the largest in the biz, but which gives such a cozy feeling instead. It may sound just like a small figure for most people but we believe that the greatness of studio lies in the proper management of the rooms, and in the efficient creation of the most appealing and unique working environment. In the same time, offering the most efficient working environment must definitely be connected with our models’ view. In order to achieve that, we basically do a brief assessment our models, to identify their personal style, their way of thinking or their hobbies/interests. We take the aforementioned factors into account, every time we decide to assign a girl to a specific room, moreover after we assign them, based on their potential, experience, and aspirations, we agree with them on a specific schedule.

The studio itself was designed to overcome the boundaries of a casual working environment, thus we always focused on finding strategies to make our models feel like they are working from home. In this regard we place an enormous focus on creating various sources of entertainment, hence if they would like to recreate, they have the choice to go to a special place, we call fun-zone!
In the camming industry the quote “happy girls are prettiest” fits the most, and we all can agree that most of the site’s customers are looking forward to meeting and chat with vivacious girls. Besides entertaining them we also aim to strengthen the relationship between them and to make them truly believe that we are not just employers and employees, but more likely one big and happy family.

Since we aim to be a happy family, we often organize thematic days like ice-cream day, candy day or fruits day, in the studio. We always organize birthday parties for all of the models or staff members, and we often get involved in outdoor activities to cover most efficient team building practices.

In conclusion, we can argue that building the perfect workplace needs to be clearly defined since the development stage, to take into account the genuine motivating factors of models and to be original as well. It doesn’t be full of ultra expensive items, but more likely to have all the necessarily streaming tools working at their full capacity, it has to provide a home-like feeling and it has to be continuously assessed and improved and/or updated.

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