It all started back in 2008 when we decided to create a “different” studio. We already had a pretty good analysis of all the other cam agencies from Iasi, knowing in details their working strategies and also their performances.

By “different studio” we actually focused on creating the perfect balance between work and fun, between a bossy and a fatherly attitude, building this way a strong relationship and loyalty between each-other. This strategy has proven in years to come very beneficial in terms of business and also inter-humans communication. All this and combined with our strong desire to always be with one step ahead of all others in this field, we succeeded in combining perfectly the 3 elements of success in a camgirls agency: coming at work with pleasure, seriousness in what means everyone’s activity, being model or staff and continuous evolution and adapting to new technologies to put us in the spotlights.

The trickier side of this system was though the fact that we could not focus on the number of employees as if too many would have been involved we would have lost the main focus of our company, as you cannot manage everyone except if in small numbers. This being said in the past 7 years ChatLive maintained it number of 8 working rooms and an average of 16 happy camgirls.

We’re one of the very few studios in Romania who actually won their employees loyalty and didn’t actually took it as granted. In this very moment 6 of our models have a little over 6 years since they work with us and other 2 have over 8 years of collaboration with us, one of them being very close now to her 9th year with us. This loyalty cannot be won in a hostile or financially-bad environment, being the very proof that what we do we do with passion, dedication and professionalism. We’re a little more than a family. Despite all of us have their own free time, we organize periodically various external events (clubbing or a barbecue or simply a day at the pool, the whole pack).

As a closing like, we’re here to prove that efficiency can be achieved by also applying a human-friendly management system, without imposing sometimes too strict schedules or work-flows. At ChatLive “intelligence is sexy” but most important of all, after all, is that we’re all human beings, with limitations that we either accept or assume.

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