Global Models Studio, studio located in the heart of the Moldavian region, more precisely in the center of city Bacau.
Refinement, style, comfort and elegance are just a few words that could define our studio.
At first, it was just a dream which, due to its seriousness and approach, developed into reality.
With an avant-garde and yet classical vision, we have the intention to reinvent the concept of videochat, moving towards the various creative directions so that our work can equally awake mystery, obsession, peace and charm.
Starting from the desire of creating something special, which can deliver safety and joy, we have tried to keep the uniqueness of our own identity, becoming the bridge between the desire of ”being more” and of ”a secure reality”.
Behind the doors of our studio, the viewer’s thought does not lead to opulence but only to peace and quiet, because each model individually, is worth its own story.
Conviction is very important in our studio because “people work with people,” and humanity has to take precedence in such a form of association.

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