The story of “Kendra Studio” begins in 2015, in a small apartment situated in the center of Bucharest, at Unirii, where a young team, with a dream and with a lot of positive energy decided to start to this project. After hours of work, day and night, alongside cheerful models who believed more in our ambition, than in our experience, we have succeeded in doing what we have intended to do.

We developed clear rules that we present models even from the start of the interview, we don’t use subterfuge and we don’t abuse them. We play fair, and respect our models and together we win. This is how the “Kendra Studio” super-team was born.

Welcome to Kendra Studio, a modern, professional and friendly camstudio which reinvents every day!

Kendra Studio – Star Factory


Kendra Studio team is always working together to develop the best cam models. Either talking about glamour or not, we strive and work to create the best image of our models that we improve on until they end up “stars” on the websites we work on.

Training non-stop!

We work with our models day and night until they develop the skills necessary to become independent women.

We will keep you on top!

Models who have reached the top, are still helped and advised by our staff, so they can keep their position. T