Live stands for everything that we do happens in real time, with no delays and Studio stands for the fact that we are a real studio with the proper setting and excellent services.

LiveStudio is one of the top studios on the Romanian market that seeks to improve models’ way of life through delivering exceptional services, insights and solutions during their career in the industry and not only.

Our point of difference lies in our approach of people and our ability to use this approach to provide viable solutions that fulfill their needs and helps them succeed in every enterprise they take. Our success is driven by our enthusiastic spirit and our focus on putting our team at the core of everything we do. We consider ourselves unique in our approach and are constantly improving in order to perform at our highest potential.

We achieve this through our complete range of services:

o Personalised training
o Professional technical support
o Specialised courses
o A dynamic work environment
o Legal collaboration forms
o Efficient management

LiveStudio’s team guides its actions by our motto “Passion for performance” because we work with passion to achieve performance.

Live Studio is a senior member in this industry, always updated to the market’s highest standards and constantly improving its performance.

Live Studio means 17 years of experience, over 1500 satisfied models, an impressively clean reputation, a powerful and passionate team ambitious in keeping the company’s successful, growing trend. We are a proud associate of the successful studios market and we have a considerable presence at all the industry’s events, being also a usual sponsor of all important projects.

Live Studio aims on making public the fact that we are oriented into performance.

If you seek a long lasting collaboration or just want to meet our team, you can always contact Live Studio Bucuresti by SKYPE or E-MAIL :