SmartChat Studio is one of the longest and most stable studios in Galati. With over 5 years of activity, over 400 models, evolution, satisfactions and innovation in the videochat industry, SmartChat Studio can pride it’s self today with the most modern and largest headquarters in the whole city. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the newly opened studio has a capacity of 30 models and aims to provide all the best working conditions, offering maximum comfort to collaborative models, and quality content for partners. Over 5 years of achievements for SmartChat Studio models, where the girls have reached more than some can only imagine, along with much higher than average earnings (one of the models is approaching the $ 1 million winning threshold), dreams and desires met, but also the presence in the charts of the biggest sites in the world right from the first months of activity.

As proof of the continuous evolution and perseverance of SmartChat Studio stand the numerous awards and nominations for the international events and galas organized in the field of work. We can recall a full collection of nominations at the AW Awards for “Best Studio”, “Innovatative Studio”, “Best Newcomer Model”, “Best Model in the World” (prize won by our model SuperbBianca in 2016), “The best studio in the world” (The XBIZ Awards Las Vegas 2017 edition) and the latest nominations: “The best studio in the world”, “The best Romanian studio”, “The best European studio” at South America’s biggest videochat summit, Lalexpo, 2017.

Although a small, provincial studio, SmartChat Studio can pride it’s self with the presence at all major national and European events in this work field.

All of these merits have a common denominator: a team that has worked for 5 years without interruption and has innovated! Although it is hard to innovate in this area, everything has been built with teamwork, passion, respect for principles, and strict compliance with the laws and regulations of the Romanian state regarding the development of this activity.

SmartChat Studio has been one of the main pioneers in videochat legality and lawfulness, as well as one of the studios that has been very involved in helping the industry to progress.

The strategies pursued by the promotional and marketing team have been clean, decent and with an attitude towards business. Always fair to the partners and to the competition, SmartChat Studio has promoted constructive competition, one that can only lead to progress. Fidelity is a key element in the SmartChat family. It has always been focused on models, but also on our LiveJasmin friends, a stable collaborator from the beginning, and the partners who have supported us every time we needed and who can always benefit from our quality content.

Work has always been important to SmartChat, but more important were the friendship relationships that were born at the studio. Everything has been under the emphasis of family and friendship, and the team has remained united both in moments of glory and in the heaviest. For this reason, now, after 5 years of activity, SmartChat forms a beautiful family who works with passion and dedication to become better every day.

In addition to work, we put a price on fun too! SmartChat Studio motivates models every day to reach their planned goals. The studio gives pleasant surprises at the anniversaries, souvenirs, unforgettable parties and holidays in the most beautiful places, all this meant to take the atmosphere out of a daily routine as a thanks for every moment spent with a team that respects and takes care of the people with whom it collaborates.

The SmartChat Studio team tends to do more everyday and wants to improve itself, to deliver the highest quality services and to get better in the near future, and this is confirmed by the studio’s slogan “We are not the best… That’s why we try harder!”

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